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Sarcoids- that won’t go away!

Sarcoids are a type of skin tumor sometimes occurring on the skin of horses. Sarcoids are a benign tumor caused by the Bovine Papilloma Virus (yes, as in “cow”) that has invaded the skin of a horse.  The virus goes … Continue reading

“Can you check this lump?” Article

Often I am called out to see a horse that has a lump. A lump is a very vague term that can mean different things to different people. Any swelling that is not normal is a lump. The term does … Continue reading

Sarcoid Article

“Remington” is a 4-year-old Paint gelding who presented to Dr. Shane with a large wart-like tumor on his face just above his right eye. The white blaze marks where sensitive pink, non-pigmented skin can become affected by sunlight to produce … Continue reading

Cancer Eye Article

“Cherokee” is a 5-yr-old Paint gelding that started to have a weeping eye about 6 months ago. The owner called Dr. Shane out to examine the eye. It appeared to have red eyelids and a white, roughened look to the … Continue reading