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Our mobile veterinary dentist travels (exclusively) to farms throughout Charlottesville and the Central Virginia area, providing power dentistry services to help keep horses' teeth in healthy, comfortable shape.

Why Floating Teeth Is an Essential Part of Horse Dentistry

You may have heard the phrase "floating teeth" without understanding what this procedure is or why it's important. A human's teeth grow to a certain length and simply stop, wearing down slowly over years of wear and tear. In horses, however, the growth process never stops. As your horse tears grass free with his front teeth and grinds vegetation down with his molars, the length of the teeth are naturally kept in check. Unfortunately, this process doesn't necessarily get consistent results. As a result, the teeth can form sharp ridges and points. These sharp edges can then dig into the tissues of the mouth, causing pain and injury that gets in the way of proper chewing. Incomplete chewing means inadequate digestion, opening the door to a variety of other health problems. Floating is a procedure that files the teeth down to a smooth, even length, making chewing easier and more comfortable for your horse.

What to Expect from Our Equine Dental Veterinarian

It's good for horse owners to be familiar with the signs of a dental problem. Pay attention if your horse starts dropping mouthfuls of food, turning his head back and forth, eating less, or losing weight. Excessive drool from the mouth, foul breath, and facial swelling are other signs that your horse needs dental care. Our equine dental veterinarian, Dr. Shane, comes to your farm to perform the dental examination and power float. The careful use of power tools reduces the time and effort needed to float your horse's teeth and is safer for your horse. We can also offer veterinary dental services such as general examinations, extractions, and other necessary procedures to help keep your horse's mouth in good working order.

Do Your Horse's Teeth Need Attention? Call Our Veterinary Center Today

If your horse is experiencing dental problems or having trouble chewing, James River Equine Services will be happy to visit your farm. Call our veterinary center at (434) 953-6034 today, and don't forget that we're also happy to perform a wide range of other veterinary services for your horse.

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