Pre-Purchase Exam

Covering Your Bases Before Buying A Horse

The pre-purchase exam for a horse is paradoxically both incredibly simple and incredibly confusing. It's simple in that, you want to do this exam to see if the horse has any identifiable problems that would make the purchase ill-advised. It's confusing in that, you might not even know where to start. Do you ask your current vet? Do you get someone else? What's involved? James River Equine Services in Charlottesville, serving the central Virginia area, can help you with your equine pre-purchase exam.

Covering Your Bases Before Buying A Horse

It's Not Definitive, But It's Close

The pre-purchase exam for a horse is almost like a pre-purchase inspection for a used car. You wouldn't rely on just looks to tell you whether a used car was in great shape; you'd take it to a mechanic for an inspection to look for problems. While a horse is certainly not a used car, the pre-purchase exam has the same purpose. The horse may look nice on the outside, but the exam will tell you more about what's going on, on the inside. That's important because you don't want to buy the horse only to find that its joints are bad or that it has a problem with an internal organ. Those would make you shell out more for care costs than you anticipated and possibly make your time with the horse very short.

How to Get One Done

If you have an equine veterinarian currently, you can certainly have him or her do the exam. If this is your first horse, however, you'll need to talk with a few vets to see how extensive their exams are, plus what their prices are. Note that good vets are more likely to be busy. Once you find a vet for the exam, he or she should look at the horse's physical health, conformation, hoof condition, movement, joint flexion, and soft tissue. There may be more tests involved if the initial tests indicated a potential issue. Once the results are in, you and the veterinarian can discuss whether the horse has too many problems, or if anything the vet found during the exam will likely be minor.

Don't Skip This Exam

As part of your search, contact James River Equine Services in Charlottesville at (434) 953-6034. We can provide pre-purchase exams, dentistry, wellness exams, and many more services once you get your horse. You need to ensure that you're giving the horse the best possible care, and a specialty equine veterinary service is perfect for the job.

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